ECS L337 Now Proud Sponsor of Complexity Gaming Profession Team
On 6/30 Complexity won 2013 Major League Gaming (MLG) Spring Championship for Call of Duty with total prize $20,000USD in Anaheim, California USA. Complexity Gaming continues to be a leading organization in every major competitive gaming titles. Now powered by L337 products, Complexity Gaming will continue to strive towards gaming excellence with the best gaming hardware on the planet.

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ECS's exclusive optimized active fansink design greatly increases hot air exhaustion as well as overall airflow over the super heated chipset.

Thermochromic technology allows the heatsink to visually show various surface temperature levels allowing users to quickly distinguish between normal and abnormal temperatures and when a motherboard is safe to touch and handle.

ECS's U-Shape heatpipe design increases dissipation by a substantial 20% over the competition and simultaneoulsy cools both the chipset and MOSFET. ECS's Direct Heat Dissipation technology allows the heatpipes to have direct contact with these vital components.

ECS Extreme Power Module Design was created specifically for gamers through adopting speical components and exquisite mechanical design, ECS EPM is able to reduce heat to provide high stability and power efficiency.

ECS's exclusive new Dual Cooling MOSFETS design allows for extreme heat dissipation with the added benefits of 90% high efficiency power conversion, low impedance and low EMI.

1.5X greater stability offering 50° wider temperature range and reducing heat by 13% more than standard ferrite chokes, even under full loading operations.